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Welcome to BullishDips!

A holistic 'proven' data collection on crypto currencies.

BullishDips obtains data from a collaboration of sources, the collection of data provides a clear picture of the digital asset's future, its market and its standing within the industry.

A few of our diversified ranking signals are:

  • Company Strength: board member eduction & experience, number of developers, internet signals.
  • Transparency Strength: tokenomics, funding amount, number of customers and number of partnerships.
  • Product: technology adoption, blockchain development, speed & power analysis, utility and use-case.
About BullishDips - proven data collection on crypto currencies

About BullishDips

BullishDips ('Bullish') was created on the belief that market cap alone or other signals don't represent a coins true value. Bullish believes that a coins true worth is comprised of company strength, community involvement, partnerships, customers, governmental projects and use-cases.

Bullish has created a platform that is actively seeking this data across all digital asset projects and is always in a state of developement. The mission is to provide a complete holistic view of digital assets involvement around the world in all industries, countries, exchanges, DeFi, CBDC's and future markets yet to be discovered.

To that end, Bullish invites you to discover new and upcoming assets with strong bullish signals that mean longevity, endurance and acceptance in this newly created asset class.

Our motto "Buy the dips." is not financial advice but a state of mind to always look for grand opportunities and share them amongst your peers and spur growth.

"Liberty to do what is good, not just liberty to do anything you desire."

- Matthew S.

About the Founder


Roberto Gaona

Founder/Owner, Developer

A brief history of the founder

Roberto is the founder of BullishDips. Prior to BullishDips, Roberto has developed many websites, user interfaces and assisted with application development for many companies. He was Marketing Manager at MGE, a computer hardware company, where he directed a team of developers, graphic designers and marketers. While at MGE, Roberto directed and managed all conferences, magazine ads and designed many of the gaming products under the XG brand.

He is currently employed at Allstate (National General Division) as a Sr. Software Engineer, designing and developing many of the applications user interfaces and at times, comes up with new and exciting solutions to better the platform.

In 2011, he first learned of Bitcoin and fully endorsed its idea of a free and open economy for the people. He dove in, learning everything he could at the time and even mined Bitcoin at the time. He continues to learn about various crypto projects and currently developing the web application https://BullishDips.com.

Today, he continues his crypto passion through the development of the application. He enjoys researching and developing the mathematical algorithm needed for Project OSD (Open Source Data) and Project SAP (Social Architecture Protocol).

His goal is to have a self-sustaining, decentralized platform that rewards users with its own digital asset for the applications maintenance, governance, upkeep and usage.